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Aug 212021

Fduke (Fduke.jar) is a Laucher to Eduke32 developed in Java, so you need Java installed in your Computer, you can Download Eduke32_oldmp Release 20 with all include or if you have Eduke32 in your Computer you need only Fduke Launcher in zip file, unzip it and put Fduke.jar to your Eduke32 folder (Fduke is the Launcher and Eduke32 is the Game) If you want can download sound alerts to play sound alert in some Fduke.jar events Download join.wav to play sound when a player join in Fduke, Download exit.wav to play a sound when a player Exit and Download private.wav to play a sound when a player send a private message, download only the sound files you want and download it to folder you have all Fduke files.

after unzip will create a folder with all files, than you need execute Fduke.


Fduke Launcher support Eduke32/Duke Nukem Mod Port:

  • Eduke32_oldmp Release 1
  • Eduke32_oldmp Release 20Fduke32
  • Awol
  • Duke3dw_v432
  • Eduke32_Premium_Mod
  • Jfduke3d JonoF
  • Eduke32_Platoon
  • PlatoonTC Remake
  • Erampage Redneck Rampage
  • Starship_Troopers_Mod
  • Eduke32_Premium_Mod
  • Command & Conquer TC
  • Eduke32 Forever Mod.























































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